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is to empower every student to unleash their full potential

Trained 1000+ people

In Placement training, Soft skills & Pratical Projects

We envision

an India without unemployed graduates

Our Vision

Our story starts with You. Our Vision is all about You- Our aim is to empower every student. Trained 1000+ people in courses like Placement training and Soft skills, Ms-office, C, C++, PYTHON, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, HTML, CSS and SQL. And To provide complete practical experience to students along with real time projects. We provide the best teaching methods to educate the person. We analyze the person initially, to know the abilities of that person and we will use different strategies to give complete practical experience to the students. JAZZLIKE technologies also incubated with Vaagdevi Incubation & Business Accelerator (VIBA).

Our Mission

To fullfill the dreams of many in the field we entered. In India there are lakhs of people are coming out with a degree and without a job.
First we will take them as interns where they pay for a internship and they have to enroll from that we are going to recruit the best people to our company. It was like applying for a test, according to that we will hire the best. Here the teaching methodology will be very unique like students will get daily assignments and many other activities. so that they will get a practical knowledge.

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We also offer various apprenticeships in a wide range of fields of operations.

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Placement Training

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Dream big! The world is full of opportunities.

Majority of the youngsters in our country aren't getting the opportunities they deserve. It's because of lack of awareness on the nature of jobs in the industry and the skills they need.
Here, we help you with

Reverse Engineered Curriculum

Practical approach to learning

Pratical knowledge on trending technologies

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